Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Do I need to attend a parent education program?
Yes. Attendance and participation at an approved Parent Education Program by all parties to a divorce action in which there are minor children is mandatory in Massachusetts. The Probate and Family Court wants to make sure that parents are aware of their children's emotional needs and understand the effects of divorce on child behavior and development.

PLEASE NOTE: By law, parents of the same children cannot attend at the same time. Childcare is NOT provided. Please do not bring children.

2. What is the purpose of the parent education program?
When a family goes through divorce or separation, parents need to help their children adjust to the changes in their family. If parents fail to constructively deal with custody, child support and other difficult separation and divorce issues, the pain for children and parents endures long after the separation is final. Parents Forever puts parents on the path to minimizing trauma for their children.

Our educational programs teach parents about the impact of divorce/ separation and gives them strategies to help both parents and children adjust to a new way of being a family. The education classes help parents recognize that their joint roles as parents will continue long after the separation. Parents will learn skills in restructuring their parent/child relationships and plan for their children's futures.

Parents Forever is a five hour educational seminar that takes place over two sessions. The fee for this program is eighty dollars per participant. The program has been approved by the Chief Justice of the Probate and Family Court in Boston MA., and meets the requirements for divorcing couples with minor children. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance that they may file with the court. In order to meet the court requirements, parents are required to attend different seminars from each other.

3. Can the other parent and I attend the same class?
Despite how well you and the other parent get along, in order to meet the Court requirements parents of the same children cannot attend at the same time. 

4. What does the $80 cover?
The $80 covers both nights of the class. You do not pay more if you have more than one child.

5. What happens if I lose my certificate?
Your certificate will be mailed to you following the second night of the class. Please keep it in a safe place. In the event you lose your certificate, please contact us. There is a $20 fee for a replacement.


If you have any additional questions that are not addressed above, please feel free to Contact Us. Thank you.

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