court approved parent education program

Do you need to attend the Parent Education Programs?

Yes. Attendance and participation at an approved Parent Education Program by all parties to a divorce action in which there are minor children is mandatory in Massachusetts. The Probate and Family Court wants to make sure that parents are aware of their children's emotional needs and understand the effects of divorce on child behavior and development.

By law, parents of the same children cannot attend at the same time. Childcare is NOT provided. Please do not bring children.

Registration Process:

  1. Select a *Class you would like to attend (see Schedule of Classes).
  2. Fill out form for the class you would like to attend (pre-registration is required).
  3. Within 72 hours you will receive a confirmation email (if you do not receive a confirmation email please contact
  4. You must bring your confirmation email (printed or available on a mobile device) to class.
  5. In the unlikely event that the program you requested is at its capacity, we will contact you 
    and let you know that you must select an alternative date.
  6. Payment of $80 (fee set by the State) is made by cash or money order at the 1st class.
  7. You will receive your certificate of completion at the 2nd session of the class.

*A Class consists of two sessions

Due to COVID-19 the Court is allowing virtual classes until further notice

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