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East Point Services is dedicated to increasing social and emotional skills for individuals and families.We recognize that each client is different, and therefore we will tailor our approach to meet individual needs.​


Mission Statement: East Point Services is dedicated to increasing the social and emotional skills for individuals and families so that they can achieve their goals.


"Karen,  My 10 year old daughter suffers from anxiety. I was recommended to Karen by my daughter’s pediatrician. Our first appointment went well when Karen spoke with me and my husband to get a better understanding as to why we were looking for professional help. Within couple of months, Karen has made a difference in my daughter’s life. My daughter now goes on sleepovers, attends birthday parties and interacts well with others. Lately, I have been working with Karen myself to better help me understand my daughter’s condition and how to help her cope in certain situations. I highly recommend Karen. She is very professional and helpful."  

- Parent of a Client

"Karen has been a great help to me as I go through my divorce process. Not only have I gained emotional support from her, but she has also guided me by offering practical
suggestions, dealing with logistics and looking towards the future."

Helping You Navigate Life's Challenges